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Theme: Human Body

An essential poster to understand the human body. The idea is to help children understand how the body works: what's inside? What are the different organs called?

From 3 years old, children are passionate about the body and like to learn to name and recognize its different parts. As they grow older, they want to know more, with a more scientific side - the function of the human body.

This human body poster is an excellent tool to better understand this vast subject, it covers several themes: the 5 senses, gesture to be healthy, body parts and the cycle of life. 

  • Illustrator: Woo Joo Jang
  • Made in Spain 
  • Phthalate-free
  • Certified safe, complied with CE toy standard
  • Printed on PEFC certified paper from sustainably managed forests.


This pack includes:

  • 1 Giant Poster (100cm x 68cm)
  • 48 repositionable stickers

Tips for use:

  • Unfold the children's poster and place it on a large table or on the floor. To ensure that the folds of the poster fade away as much as possible, we recommend unfolding the poster and marking each fold "upside down".
  • Use the numbered code to guide you in placing each sticker and find the name of each human body parts in the legend provided.
  • Once you have completed the poster, you can frame it with a 100 x 70cm frame or hang it directly on the wall.


Why Poppik:

1. Learn through play
Children loves stickers! Through repositionable stickers, children can interact with a subject matter that they are passionate about as they observe, compare and manipulate.

2. Develop concentration and motor skills
Fun and easy sticker activity which promotes concentration and calmness.

3. Spark curiosity
Uncover the world of different themes that fascinate the children and encourages them to questions, fact-find, create and share.

4. Discovery of artistic sense
All posters are designed by professional illustrators with a hundred of stickers in a variety of colours, patterns and shapes. 

5. Great bonding activities 
The giant size of poster and the large number of repositionable stickers encourages family and friends to complete the masterpiece together.

6. Beautiful display for your home
The end result of creating this poster is as sweet as its process, as you get to display a statement piece that continues to inspire your everyday conversations.

Age Recommendation: 4 years+

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