Kitpas Waterbrush

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Draw on-the-go with Kitpas portable waterbrush pen. The Kitpas Water Brushes are designed to be used with the Kitpas Crayons to turn any crayon drawing into watercolour painting. As all Kitpas Crayons are water soluble, a simple squeeze of the pen enables water to trickle down into the brush tip to allow the mixing of the Crayon and the water to create a watercolour effect.

It makes painting a less messy experience as there is no possible spillage with the absence of cups of water and paintbrushes. Perfect for when you're on the go or have limited time to organise a painting station. The Kitpas Water Brush must be washed after every use and left to dry.

Kitpas crayon are made in Japan, it is known for its vibrant colours and buttery smooth texture. It glides on almost all surfaces including paper, glass, mirrors, window and whiteboard.

Unlike regular crayons, Kitpas crayons are water soluble, with just a few strokes of a wet brush, your drawing will turns into a gorgeous watercolor painting and it can be wiped off easily from any non-porous surface with a damp cloth.

All Kitpas Crayons are non-toxic, allergen free, meet EN71 safety regulations and are CE certified.

Watch demonstration on Kitpas Waterbrush from 0:51 seconds onwards. 

Age Recommendation: 3 years+ (Choking hazard due to small parts)

Product Measurement: 20 x 15cm

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Convenient to bring around and reduces the anxiety of my toddler tipping over a cup of water. Helps me in introducing paint brushing/ painting to my toddler.