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Dr Zigs new Bubble Foamer - made from Bamboo and Coconut matting, all grown and cut on a community farm in Vietnam.

Bamboo is a wonderful natural sustainable material. It is fast growing, strong and needs little water.

The Coconut matting is made from the hairy outer husks of coconuts - this is normally a waste product, so it is wonderful to be able to give it a new life. The foamer is gorgeous and smooth to hold, very tactile and strong, and when you dip the end in bubble mix (either our painting bubble mix or our normal bubble mix), and blow through the ends - you get long huge sausages of foam!

Encourage an exploration of colours, textures and paints. Combine with Dr Zigs Bubble Painting kit and any paints or food colouring you have at home! Dr Zigs's amazing large bubbles will delight children as they pop the bubbles to create their own colourful bubble painting art.

Super Easy to Use:
Simply pour the Bubble Paint into a container.


  1. Dip the Bamboo Bubble Foamer in the Bubble Paint, lift it up and let it drip, then BLOW!
  2. Drop the clouds of painty Bubble Foam on to your paper/card.


  1. Put a small amount of the Bubble Paint into a cup, pop in the Bamboo Straw, and BLOW! Piles of Bubbles will grow out of the cup.
  2. Scoop these up and drop onto your paper/card - or place your card/paper upside-down over the bubbles emerging from your cup!
  3. Wait for your work of art to dry.

As the paint trickles through the bubbles in the foam, and down onto the paper you will see bubble pattern textures start to appear!

Dr Zigs won 3 Guinness World Records Titles, featured on UK TV shows and newspapers, events and they even made it to the Paris fashion show!

A brand that has sustainable, eco fun at its heart: 

  • All Dr Zigs products are 100% made in the UK.
  • Certified safe, complied with CE toy standard.
  • The giant bubble mix is non-toxic, fully biodegradable in sunlight, guaranteed phosphate, palm oil and paraben free.


Bubble Painting Kit includes:

  • 4 Dr Zigs Ready-to-Use Bubble Paint (random colours will be selected)
  • A Bamboo Bubble Foamer
  • A Bamboo Bubble Straw
  • A printout with instruction and tips to make Bubble Painting Art
  • A canvas bag to keep all of them in order


Age Recommendation: 3 years+

*Bubble Paint Refill is available in 6 colours.

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