Our Story

We came across many sustainably made toys and play-based learning resources while we lived abroad in the past years. Now that we moved back to our home country, we are inspired to share these interesting finds with you.

Children learn best through play; we started Bubs & Friends with the vision that we could change the way children play today. We believe 3 well-chosen toys are better than 10. Therefore, we handpicked only the best sustainably crafted products from around the globe for the little ones. Our curated collection featured all the safe, high-quality and fun products that are designed to last and grow with your children.

As part of our efforts to cultivate sustainable living, our packaging materials are either compostable, recyclable or reusable. The smallest choices we make today as a parent can have a long-lasting impact on our planet and our future generation. Sustainability is part of everyday life and we could all make a difference.

At Bubs & Friends, we bring play to life. We hope parents who shared the same ethos will find treasures from our store to add to your home.
Thank you so much for supporting our humble business!