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Great as a gift

Londji packaging is amazing. These are great as gift. They’re also small, easy activity to have when out dining.

Great stacking toy

Beautifully made stacking toy, suitable for toddler!

Great toy for toddlers

Good quality toy to help with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Recommended!

Cute stuff

Plantoys products as always, doesn't disappoint. Very well made and it goes well with other plantoys range such as the tree house and ponds. Lovely for small world play.

Love it!

Quality of blocks are good and my son loves it.So many possibilities of building and can pair with other wooden block like Grimm (4cmx4cmx4cm) The problem is i should have purchased the large set instead of medium because my son really love it.

Great for travel

The Stickers are removable with enough sticky to be used again. It is great for travelling and sitting at restaurant/cafe while waiting for food! You can use it to replace giving gadgets to your kids. High quality product with so many extra stickers that can be stick elsewhere.

Lovely outfit

This is such a lovely pyjamas for our dinkum doll. It is super cute and well made.


Convenient to bring around and reduces the anxiety of my toddler tipping over a cup of water. Helps me in introducing paint brushing/ painting to my toddler.

Bold colours!

The colours are vibrant, glides smoothly along the paper and is easy for my toddler to hold. Makes art time that more enjoyable!

Needs a screwdriver

It's thicker than usual guide craft blocks and it's made with high quality acrylic so the see through piece is always clear (no finger print marks) . Putting in things into the blocks requires a screwdriver, so it's definitely a parent and kid activity. Natural bonding time to collect things to put it in from the walk at the park and etc.

Olli Ella Dozy Dinkum | Mini
Sharon Lee Siok Ling
Dozy dinkum doll Mini

Very adorable and cuddly.

More interested

I splurged on Olli Ella Dinky Doll because I really want to bring up the nurturing part of emotional development for my daughter so she'll understand empathy a little more. my 2 YO finds the hard plastic dolls creepy and wouldn't touch it lol! This is the first doll she actually fed and comb the hair. She's definitely more interested! So I will spend more time modeling and pretend Play with her

Perfect Size

I think it's really important for kids to have kids sized things to make it accessible for them. This clothing rack is so tastefully made, in a perfect size to fit in the corner of the room!

So cute!!

I never thought that this doll is so cute. My son keep smiling when i put peanut out of box. He thought peanut is his new buddy.🥰🥰

The best buddy

Dozy Dinkum is the best buddy for my twins…. The fabric of the dolls is soft and comfortable to hug… and the color is soft and calm

Quality Products

Safe for kids usage. Will repurchase! And seller is friendly, attended my enquiries even after working hours.

Adorable tree

Great quality wooden toy. The tree has branches of different shapes and shades.
Really easy to play. Even though my kid didn’t stack the branch correctly, the branch will slide into right place and make a perfect tree every time.

Great quality

Attractive stacking toy with great quality. Kids need to match shape on both sides in order to build the rocket. However, once it is stacked, it can easily fall apart.

Fun to play

This dancing alligator is fun to play with. My kid have fun pulling it for walks. This toy is really stable and has lower center of gravity thus makes it less likely to stumble.

Great doodling for kids!

Good deal! Kind and prompt service from seller. Material is sustainable and reusable. Fun and educational! Lightweight to give as a gift.

Large puzzle for little hands

Great quality, huge puzzle which make it enticing for little ones, easy to grab due to their huge size. I like that the main subject of the puzzle can be done by itself and the background added on to it.


Can teach little one about balancing, use the 'kiap' to train fine motor skill


Good toys to train fine motor skill, hand eye coordination.


Such a great product! No wasted paper and perfect for on the go.

My baby likes it

My baby likes to look at her own reflection so she finds this very amusing. The pieces are big and easy for stacking