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Worth every penny

My daughter loves the suitcase the moment I opened the box. The shipping process was super fast! Can't wait for our next vacation with to this suitcase

Creamy and vibrant. Not entirely dustless in my opinion but it’s great that it’s non-toxic. Would repurchase.

Great extension for Hey Doodle mat

Love the colours!

Great tool for children who loves to play with vehicles

Paper quality is good, can't easily tear. Also it's a good tool for children to play with their vehicles and expand their imagination by drawing on the paper.

Fun activity

Fun activity together with your lil ones.

PlanToys Baby Car

Very good material with nice colour! My baby has been playing it for 3 months. She likes it very much and the material is safe for baby! So momma is free from worries :) thank you Bubs & friends for bringing in such a nice toys!

Good quality and workmanship

Beautiful and sustainable heirloom quality. It is the perfect size that serves many purposes, and also very cute for the little ones to carry around.

Worth every penny

This dinkum doll is perfectly made - sturdy, cuddly and so lovable! Perfect companion for little ones.

Cute basket

Love that I could use it in so many ways! Totally valued for money!

PlanToys Dancing Alligator
Plan toys dancing allogator

A perfect companion for my baby ❤️

Hello Bao Mandarin Sensory Cards Level 1

Good addition

A great accessory to my son's dinkum doll! We are preparing him for a younger sibling and hope this kind of pretend play would help.

Love plantoys product

Love this! Its a pretty simple toy yet my son seems to cant get enough of it - he pretty much carry it around like he would with his dinkum dolls😆

Paper sticker

The colors are muted and matte paper like so it couldn’t withstand the roughness of my child so she kinda rips every sticker she tries to remove haha 😂 but the graphics are really nice

I bring it every restaurant I go

I really like how portable and easily cleaned it is. It keeps my 2.5yo busy at restaurants as she could draw and draw on it for a long time

Well made

I really like the quality of the mat and the vibrant colors of the pen that can be wiped away easily

Play pretend!

My child enjoys feeding the bottle to the baby doll.

Olli Ella Acorn Bag
Caroline Lim
Worth the price!

Love the acorn bag! Such great piece of hand work.

Small chalk for small hand

Sleek design, easy to use, no dust and doesnt leave marks on blackboard after erasing it.

Blackboard eraser!

Its very handy for little hand. wipe out the chalk nicely without residue!

My child loves them .. it is a must when we go out for meals

Perfect non-gadget activity when we’re out!

My daughter is 2 plus and she loves doodling. We take this along when we have our meals at a restaurant and it keeps her occupied when she’s not eating

Baghera Racing Car
Su Ann
Great birthday gift

Bought this car for a 2 year old boy who loves car and needless to say, this one is a hit! He loves it!

Great for meal outings

we've been bringing our doodle mat out for meals since purchased ..
mealtimes has been such an ease- especially to keep the little one occupied while waiting for food or if he finished his meal before us

worth it

my son totally loves this - plus we learn about sea animals together - great for bonding time