Founded in 1981, PlanToys makes awards-winning, environmentally-friendly, natural wooden toys from recycled rubber plants that are no longer able to produce latex and would otherwise be burnt. They invented PlanWood (made from 99% surplus rubberwood saw dust accumulated PlanToys’ daily toy production) to help reducing waste and carbon dioxide emissions.
Champion of sustainable play, the brand is guided by their strong mission at all steps of their production in order to minimize environmental impact. When crafting their toys, PlanToys use chemical-free wood, non-toxic water-based dyes, organic pigments and non-formaldehyde glue. They implemented sustainable packaging, using recycled, reusable paper, biodegradable and eco-friendly soy ink for toy packages and printed materials.
Kids’ futures and the mother earth are the brand's top priorities. Your little one not only grows in their ability to imagine and create with PlanToys wooden toys, but that they also grow closer to nature and better understand the importance of a sustainable living. There are so much more to share about PlanToys. Listen to the messages from the PlanToys founder, we hope you would find him inspiring as we definitely do!