Montessori Matching Objects to Cards

Simple Montessori Matching Activity for Your Child

Object to card matching is a fun way to develop hand-eye coordination, language, concentration, visual discrimination and cognitive development.

Aside from using language to introduce new items to your child, try a fun matching game with a set of cards and toys that replicate these items. Your child can start abstracting and making sense that these object can also be represented in two-dimensional picture.

By matching cards to real life object or toys, your child can now bridge the gap between their newly-discovered items and the proper vocabulary used to name them. This activity will familiarise your child with the words needed to describe these objects. Watch their language skills improve during the process!

Montessori Matching Objects to Cards (PlanToys Doctor Set)

Here are a few tips on how to start object to card matching at home with PlanToys Doctor Set:
1. Print the object images on a paper. PlanToys Doctor Set comes with 5 medical instruments (blood pressure monitor, stethoscope, reflex hammer, clinical thermometer, syringe) and a doctor case. Click here to download the printable sheet.
Montessori Matching Objects to Cards (PlanToys Doctor Set)
2. At the start, lay the cards out and do the activity with your child. You may need to present the matching activity a few times for the child to get it. If you find the child isn't ready, put it away and wait a couple of weeks.

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